About us

We are the Zubrnická museální železnice association and we own the former Velké Březno – Zubrnice – Lovečkovice – Úštěk line, which was put into operation in 1890. This in many respects unique line was unfortunately canceled by a decision of the then authorities in 1978.

Gradually thanks to the efforts of our members and volunteers, we managed to renew section of 6 km from Velké Březno to Zubrnice, where we have been operating weekend historic trains since 2016 with a contribution of Ústí nad Labem region. Situation with maintaining the renewed track is now stabilized and we were thinking where to direct our next work.

A big impulse in the summer 2018 was the sponsorship gift of our member František Korel, for which the crossing behind the Zubrnice-Týniště railway station and the first 50 meters of the track from the total 12 kilometers of destroyed and impassable section was renewed.

Because of this activity we received a lot of supporting messages and offers of additional financial assistance, we finally decided in the spring of 2019 to continue the restoration.